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Why Jack Black Sucks Donkey A$$

Jack can kiss my ass!  I’m sure that there are countless reasons why Jack Black sucks, but what I specifically want to rant about today is how he completely ruined ‘Be Kind Rewind’.

Gondry make a BIG mistake by casting Black.

Okay, I’ll admit that Jack Blacks acting wasn’t the only thing wrong with this picture. It’s true that there were many large, rotting plot holes, but those holes would have been a lot easier to overlook had someone (anyone) other than Black been in the spotlight.

The main problem that I have with Black is that he plays the same character in every movie that he stars in. This wouldn’t be so bad if that character were actually somewhat likeable. Instead he appears as a highly annoying, over dramatic and seemingly retarded guy time after time.

Is it really acting if you’re pretending to be someone who is identical to yourself?

So why did I even bother going to see this movie if I hate Jack Black so much? Because I knew that Gondry made it. I can guarantee you that if this movie were made by anyone other than him I would not have made a trip out to the theater to see it. I probably wouldn’t have even rented it.

Honestly the description of the movie alone (and knowing that Jack Black was one of the main characters) had me alarmed from the beginning. But being that Gondry made the film, I thought that there was hope. I thought that he must have known what he was doing. I mean he is the genius who came up with such great films as ‘The Science of Sleep’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ after all. (Both of which rank in my top 5 movies ever list.)

While I assumed there was a good chance that ‘Be Kind Rewind” would not surpass Gondrys previous works, I thought that it would at least be mildly entertaining and filled with nifty artsy bits. And while there were a few eye pleasing moments (such as a Godzilla costume made using a toy truck as the face, a car made out of a bathtub and a Robocop costume using a hairdryer as a gun) there were far less than I had hoped for. Definitely not enough to make it worth seeing.

If you haven’t seen ‘Be Kind Rewind’ yet and you are planning to, you can count on being highly disappointed. The movie lacks….a lot. And I’m a big time Gondry fan. I don’t know what went wrong (asides from Jack Black). It’s clear, from previous work, that Gondry is a highly talented individual. He has done some wonderful stuff, but for some reason this movie is sub standard.

Whatever his reason was for making a shitty movie I can look past it and realize that all humans are flawed – we all make mistakes. And sometimes they are really big ones. He’s still a genius and I will continue to look forward to any future work that he will come out with. But for the love of God he had better not make another film with Jack Black, or anyone close to being that annoying. I mean really, he mine as well have cast Lindsay Lohan or Paris frigging Hilton for that matter. I probably would have actually liked the movie better had he done that.

Personally I would rate this movie 1.5 out of 5 stars. Had I not been with a friend I would have walked out of the theater.

My advice is – don’t waste your cash.


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  1. i can not stand jack black or his movies he sucks i can’t stand any of his movies or voices he does for movies whoever found this guy to do movies needs his ass kicked. he should just stay home and never do another movie. man this guy just pisses me off. i thought that year one looked funny untill i seen his face and then i changed the channel. he sucks end of story!

    Comment by russell | July 2, 2009 | Reply

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